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The Egyptian Informatics Journal is published by the Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Cairo University. This Journal provides a forum for the state-of-the-art research and development in the fields of computing, including computer sciences, information technologies, information systems, operations research and decision support.
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Inside Ancient Egypt is an up-close look at the daily lives of ancient Egyptians-as well as how they thought about death. Enter through a three-story replica of a mastaba, a type of ancient Egyptian tomb, that houses two authentic chamber rooms from the burial site of 5th Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Uniss son Unis-Ankh.
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The mystery of Egyptian mummy cases. Ancient Egyptian coffins and mummy cases have been found covered in a mysterious 'black' goo'. What does it reveal? Dress like an Egyptian. In this video Amandine Mérat introduces a selection of Egyptian textiles from fashion and furniture.
Ancient Egyptian History for Kids - Fun Facts to Learn. Ancient Egyptian History for Kids - Fun Facts to Learn.
The pyramids were built as the burial places of the Egyptian kings from before the start of the Old Kingdom until the end of the Middle Kingdom. From the earliest times Egyptian art was developed in the service of the king.
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Egyptian Armys Massive Destruction in North Sinai. The Egyptian army destroyed over 12000, buildings-mostly homes-in the conflict-ridden North Sinai governorate between 2013 and 2020. Satellite imagery analysis reveals widespread home demolitions, farmland loss, construction of security installations, and resettlement sites.
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This productivity made it possible to store large surpluses against crop failures and also formed the chief basis of Egyptian wealth, which was, until the creation of the large empires of the 1st millennium bce, the greatest of any state in the ancient Middle East.
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and lasted as a leading economic and cultural influence throughout North Africa and parts of the Levant until it was conquered by the Macedonians in 332 B.C.E. Today Egyptologists, archaeologists who focus on this ancient civilization, have learned a great deal about the rulers, artifacts, and customs of ancient Egypt.
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Shop our selection of products based on ancient art and designs. Wash like an Egyptian. Get a special discount when buying from Ra Egyptian. Support the show. Get special rewards. To support the show, you can make a one-time donation or be a Patreon.
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This full-day visit will enable pupils to discover and investigate real Egyptian artefacts that have been found in tombs. During this full-day visit they can map the journey of an Ancient Egyptian artefact from the potter who made it to the museum visitors who handle it today.
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Return to top. Faience production; in Badari, Naqada period, Early Dynastic Egypt, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, Third Intermediate Period, Late Period, Ptolemaic Period, Roman Period, Nubian faience. Fayum A or Fayum Neolithic, Fayum B Qarunian. festivals, a festival list from Lahun. festivals in the ancient Egyptian Calendar.
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For ages 7-11 KS2 with curriculum links to History, explore ancient Egyptian history using a timeline linking Egypts past and present. Visit resource: Early Egypt. Visit resource: General guide to the Egyptian galleries. Visit resource: Life in ancient Egypt. Visit resource: Egyptian mummies.
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Principles of Egyptian art. Understanding Egyptian art lies in appreciating what it was created for. Ancient Egyptian art must be viewed from the standpoint of the ancient Egyptians not from our viewpoint. Here we explore the basis of Egyptian art.

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