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6-Sep-20 to 6-Sep-20 Bonaire Flag Day Bonaire. 12-Sep-20 to 12-Sep-20 Miss Tourism Bonaire Bonaire. Organised by Tourism Corporation Bonaire. 26-Sep-20 to 26-Sep-20 Taste of Bonaire TOURISM Day Bonaire. This event has a fusion of local arts crafts, plants vegetables and educational presentations.
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But Bonaire is so much more than just a paradise for divers. Bonaire is a relatively small island approximately 24 miles in length and 3-7 miles in width located in the Caribbean Sea, about 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela.
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Bonaire was one of the first Caribbean islands to collaborate with the Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire formerly Coral Restoration Foundation to conserve our reefs. By commencing a program for cultivating new corals, specifically the stag horn and Elkhorn corals, Bonaire will be able to preserve the reefs genetic diversity.
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Klein Bonaire has low-growing vegetation including cactus Papiamento: kadushi with sparse palm trees near the water and is bordered by white sandy beaches and a fringing reef. The reefs, beaches and on-island reserves located on both Bonaire and Klein Bonaire are under the protection of the Bonaire National Marine Park, and managed by Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire STINAPA.
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Bonaire is a leader in new efforts at reef restoration, along with a nongovernmental organization called Reef Renewal Bonaire, that in just a few years has grown and replanted some 20,000, staghorn corals in the water around the island. Corals are tiny soft creatures that survive on plankton and photosynthesis, and secrete calcium carbonate.
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Those activities give them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship. Download the Special Olympics Bonaire Fact Sheet. Special Olympics Bonaire Contact Info. PO Box 366. 1 599 525-8496.
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Politically, Bonaire is a special" municipality" fully integrated in the Netherlands proper. The earliest known inhabitants of Bonaire were the Caquetio people, who are believed to have come to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao by canoe from Venezuela in about 1000 AD.
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Planning a Trip. Book Hotels Things to Do in Bonaire. In the Caribbean Sea north of Venezuela, Bonaire is the B" of the ABC islands. Bonaire lacks Aruba's' glitzy diversions, but avid scuba divers have preferred this unspoiled treasure for years.
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The city's' name means coral" reef" and Bonaire is an island country and one of the overseas territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands aka Holland. Bonaire is the second largest of the ABC islands in the Leeward Antilles group; Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.
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Bonaire National Marine Park is the island's' star attraction, a unique and precious resource that allows divers and snorkelers to explore miles of pristine coral reef. The protected area covers the entire coast of the island, including Klein Bonaire, to a depth of 200ft 60m.
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